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Why do we follow the season history?

Why do we care about the early season snowpack? Avalanche forecasters follow the formation of the early season snowpack, as it will be the foundation of the snowpack for the season. The goal of tracking the snowpack is to have a handle on what kinds of avalanche problems we will see.  Not all avalanches are […]

Your smartphone is not a beacon.

Revelstoke News and the CAC Please take the time to read this article and attached paper from the CAC.

Knocking off the Rust Part 2

In my last post, we discussed how to thoroughly check your rescue gear to ensure it is operating properly and ready to go for the upcoming season.  Now we will discuss the other things you can or should do to prep for the season.  By raise of hands, how many of you out there practice […]

Snow Climates and Stability – Can they be easily compared?

Recently we had a question from one of our former students whether there was any published information about avalanche climates and which one was the most unstable, or how they might compare to one another from a stability standpoint.  The easy answer is that, to my knowledge, there are no studies that address this question […]

Knocking off the Rust

As I sit by the fire and enjoy watching the 2013/14 winter season begin, I read the posts on all the usual internet social gathering places and see and share the excitement of another winter season ahead. My thoughts bounce between the events of the last few winters and what I need to do to […]

Elk and Early Season Snowpack

The walk had taken us thirty minutes in the dark and as we were coming out of the thick trees we spotted them.  There were about twenty five elk.  They had no idea we were there and we crouched and ran along the tree line to try to cut them off.  That was when we […]