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Happy new year! Here’s an update from the Wasatch

Happy new year! Jake Hutchinson went out ski touring yesterday and here is what he found: Wasatch Snowpack Video Be safe out there this year! Advertisements

Conditions Update – Little Cottonwood Canyon

With recent loading on a weak surface, the snowpack is primed for skier triggered avalanches. Our Level 2 course was in Grizzly Gulch when they heard a yell and headed over to check it out. They came upon this crown – SS-ASu-D2-O.  The avalanche was 14-18″ deep, 125 feet wide, and ran 150 feet to […]

Knocking off the Rust Part 3

Knocking off the Rust Part III – the Animal Within “An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field”  – Niels Bohr You’ve checked your gear, practiced with the beacon a few times, dusted up on your stability tests and finally the first real storms are […]

Knocking off the Rust Part 2

In my last post, we discussed how to thoroughly check your rescue gear to ensure it is operating properly and ready to go for the upcoming season.  Now we will discuss the other things you can or should do to prep for the season.  By raise of hands, how many of you out there practice […]

Knocking off the Rust

As I sit by the fire and enjoy watching the 2013/14 winter season begin, I read the posts on all the usual internet social gathering places and see and share the excitement of another winter season ahead. My thoughts bounce between the events of the last few winters and what I need to do to […]