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Conditions Update – Christmas Tree Bowl, Teton Pass

Don and I were up on Teton Pass yesterday. We spent a little time digging in the snow before we enjoyed the 5″ of snow that fell overnight. Check out the pit from mid-elevations: Advertisements

Winter is here…food for thought

It’s November again, which means in many parts of the country, winter has begun. There are snow men in yards, sleds with giggling kids, and in my neck of the woods, parking lots packed with powder starved skiers and riders. During the last couple years, there were a number of high profile accidents and the […]

Snow Climates and Stability – Can they be easily compared?

Recently we had a question from one of our former students whether there was any published information about avalanche climates and which one was the most unstable, or how they might compare to one another from a stability standpoint.  The easy answer is that, to my knowledge, there are no studies that address this question […]